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I should probably mention this first

Our biggest interest at this point would be partnering with an existing wholesaler out of the state of California as you guys just  had major taxation laws come into play, we currently own  3000 square foot Warehouse with 21 foot ceiling height, and 1500 feet of Office Space , located 44 miles over the California / Arizona border on I-40 ( in Kingman ) quick access to UPS, FedEx, United Postal Service,  I should mention we have a unique situation concerning United Postal Service, in short we can mail as late as 5:30 p.m. Mail Packages are then relocated to Las Vegas and generally on a plane to their destination by midnight example your mailing to Oklahoma City it's in Oklahoma City 12 hours later, it's just incredible, and this is using first class mail, because Las Vegas is located out in the middle of nowhere everything goes on a plane basically a technicality or a way to beat the system you might say

We're currently setting up our  system and  our warehouse to become a wholesaler in 2018, if the opportunity exists ??, This would all depend on how they continue to regulator the industry, what moves the current U.S. Supply System does in the next year or so

As to actually wholesaling today, we really don't have the million dollar Plus capital it would take to even begin this task, we would definitely be interested in starting a group and then buying over in China together

The future we see at this given time would be partnering with existing us wholesalers, for example building a One-Stop website and then 5 or 6  wholesalers all Drop Shipping to the customer- as it's in our opinion all the wholesalers in the U.S. are struggling so we should become United

Anyhow I should wrap this up

We would entertain any proposals that are out of the box thinking

Please contact us with any interest

Vaping is still a new frontier

The reality of this situation-- it's us against the tobacco company's, and they definitely have more money and power

Christine " Vape Girl "



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