Used Consigned Vape's

For example if you have a $40 mod, I will trade for $40 worth of e-liquid

We no longer buy used equipment because we're unable to make it financially work, we tried our best and tried many many times

With that said there is a large market for used equipment

I want to point out that battery life is only around 6 months so if you have an internal battery mod it's likely it's already at its expiration date

This is one reason we don't recommend internal battery mods any longer you can't replace the batteries and yet the unit is still good working shape

I will take any Vape equipment in on consignment and list it on our website and display it at several of the local events, swap meets, trade shows, motorcycle events

So if it's cash you need, this is your best option for selling used equipment

For  used equipment we recommend between 35 and 40% of the original selling price no matter how old it is, if it's working that's a good price point

~~~~~~~~~ Terms for consignment~~~~~~~~

You must deliver the equipment to me personally

You must give me a minimum of 6 months possession to sell the equipment

The Target price can not be over 40% of the original retail price

I do not take a commission on the sale of these items ~~~~ I do it strictly as a free service

So I guess,   I'll take a moment to point out this is another reason why

 ~~~~~~~~No one does it better in Mohave County than the " Vape Girl " ~~~~~~~~~

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