Teleos e-Liquid

Teleos E-juice - One of the Top E-Juice Brands
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Teleos is a unique e-liquid company, formed by two vapers over a thousand miles apart, focusing on innovative flavor combinations and being incredibly thorough to make sure only their very best vapor juice creations make the cut to go on general sale.


They have 15 flavors in total, including Crunch (a Captain Crunchy recreation – cereal, berries, marshmallow and milk), Cloud Science Alpha (strawberries and spun sugar) and the Milk (fruit cereal and milk, with brown sugar and a few other choice ingredients). The PG/VG ratios vary – for example, Eight Bells is 50/50, the Milk is 70 % VG and Cloud Science Beta is max VG – but they’re generally VG-heavy.


Teleos juices comes in 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml nicotine, with 2.5 mg/ml and nicotine-free options available for some juices.

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