No Credit Card Needed

No Credit Card Needed

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No credit card needed to place your order on this website

For starters the main purpose of this website is for you to have access to the e-Liquid menu and to request samples to try

Now with that said Vaping  can be very complicated for someone new exploring this product line, between the different tanks, coil ohm, battery amperage,

 excetera, excetera,

We have found more often than not errors in the original order requiring refund or additional payment, so we just eliminated the need for credit cards

Attempting to make this simple, pick your product to the best of your ability, let us pull those products from the shelf and make sure everything matches and is complete

Once we have accomplished all the above there's so many different ways to complete the payment process

Some examples would be --  Layaway, Finance, Cod on delivery, Payment by check, Payment in cash, PayPal

But, yes we accept all major credit cards

So enjoy your shopping experience,    No Credit Card is Necessary Here

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