HexOhm chicks with wicks

We'll have to come back and tell this story as its Great American story

I believe this is a little Vape shop located in Phoenix Arizona

I'm not sure the date that they launched their own piece of Hardware the "HexOhm"

This is one of very few American-made pieces of hardware on this website

In addition to being constructed here in the USA it has a lifetime warranty

Their timing was perfect and thousands of individuals have become collectors

So every time they upgrade the unit, they already got thousands of pre-sales

At 5 times the going price, and they can't keep them on the Shelf

At 911Vape4Less.com  we're proud to be an authorized distributor

A lot of counterfeit on this one out there so be careful

Call or text the Vape Girl to order yours now 928-219-2539

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