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The Game-Changing Debut

Southern California-based Five Pawns, the world’s leading maker of premium vapor liquid, changed the vaping game in 2012 with its Signature Line of “top shelf” vapor liquids, elevating vapor liquid enjoyment to a connoisseur’s art akin to fine wine and cuisine. Just as audiences were amazed when film evolved from black and white to color, vapor enthusiasts who previously languished in a world of one-dimensional taste were blown away by Five Pawns’ use of up to 11 different ingredients to create a rich flavor spectrum of extraordinary depth.

Leading the Way

Since breaking on the scene in 2012, Five Pawns continues to lead the fledgling vapor liquid industry by delivering flavor and presentation without equal:

  • Five Pawns turned the industry on its head in 2013 by creating Castle Long Reserve, the first oak barrel-aged vapor liquid that quickly became the most coveted liquid in the world with the 25-barrel first release selling out within a week. Demand has continued to skyrocket for each subsequent Castle Long Reserve release.
  • Five Pawns continued to reward sophisticated palates with its groundbreaking 2013 Mixology Edition introduction, offering the depth of flavor and character found in vintage spirits.
  • On January 1, 2015, Five Pawns again set the vapor world abuzz with its release of Black Flag Fallen, the first stainless steel aged vapor liquid (aged for 3 months) and blended so that it hits all five tastes known to man: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami.
  • As Five Pawns grew it's distribution in better vapor shops around the world, it delivered unrivaled marketing materials to the task of displaying it's premium Five Pawns product and raising the bar for vapor liquid presentation in stores.

Unrivaled Care & Craftsmanship

Five Pawns is meticulous about what goes into each bottle, so that what comes out is pure enjoyment:

  • Five Pawns signature vapor liquid is handcrafted in small batches in California from the finest quality, locally-sourced ingredients using a proprietary blending process to create complex, multi-layered flavors.
  • Five Pawns uses only ingredients deemed as food-grade by the USP and that is designated GRAS in addition to 99.9 percent pure, certified pharmaceutical grade nicotine.
  • In 2014, Five Pawns began crafting their liquid in a state-of-the-art “clean room” laboratory, meaning the mixing, steeping and bottling rooms are ISO-grade to ensure the highest confidence in final product quality.
  • At the same time, Five Pawns introduced a proprietary mixing process that orbitally and gyroscopically mixes liquids to guarantee consistency from bottle to bottle and batch to batch. Five Pawns then took the extra step of incorporating a gravimetric pouring process that ensures even greater accuracy of ingredients.
  • Five Pawns was the first to bring traceability to vapor liquid with batch, lot and bottle numbers, plus dates on both the bottle and packaging tube. Five Pawns was also among the first to implement sealed and puncture resistant glass bottles, which are then protected by secondary packaging – an industry first – to eliminate UV exposure that may degrade the liquid.

Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid is only available through authorized Five Pawns retailers that offer the premium knowledge and device expertise required to ensure a true Five Pawns experience.

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