Aspire Cleito Coil

Aspire Cleito Coil

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A Tank, is a Tank, is a Tank !!!!

It's all about the coil

In most cases it don't matter what tank is wrapped around a coil

We stock 200 tanks and coils

This coil by far has been the best one, we're getting reports that they last 20 to 40 days heavy use

So if you calculate this by the hit, this would be the lowest-cost coil on The Vape Market

This is the coil all my friends, family, and myself use

We will always be in search of bigger and better, but I don't see it coming anytime soon

If you respect money, Then you must respect this equipment

You will notice browsing this website, we offer  to add the Cielito tank to every mod we sell

It's our job to research and offer you the best vape experience for the lowest cost

This is absolutely for certain, The One !

Anyone that challenges this advice, let's take your tank and coil put them side-by-side and have a  Vape  Off

Christine " Vape Girl "

Text Me Anytime 928-219-2539

Let's Talk Coil's

The cartomizer like coil design allows for direct airflow which helps greatly boost flavor profiles and create even more BEASTLY vapor! You’ll be amazed at how much vapor these coils can put out!

Aspire is the first to implement coils that remove the need for a chimney within the tank. The Cleito revolutionary new coil design frees up the airflow by removing the chimney within the tank. This results in direct airflow, which helps greatly boost flavor profiles and create even more vapor than usual.

Compatible with:

  • Aspire Cleito

Recommended Wattage

  • 55-70 (0.20 Ohm)
  • 40-60 (0.40 Ohm)

You Will Receive:

  • 1x - 5 pack of Aspire Cleito coils
  • This Purchase Comes with Free e-Liquid 

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